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With the mass amounts of eldercare options, it can be overwhelming to sort through all the information while attempting to decide on the resources that best fit your loved one's needs and desires.


There comes a time when families are in need of eldercare assistance for themselves or a loved one. At APC we are assisting families with making eldercare decisions for their loved ones by providing support and advocacy. 

Eldercare options may include: 

  • Independent Living Community

  • Board and Care

  • Assisted Living 

  • Memory Care

  • Independent Living Facility (ILF)

  • Home Care

  • Skilled Nursing Facility

  • Continuing Care Retirement Community

  • Hospice

  • Home Health

  • Community Support

  • Enhanced Care Management


Specializing in assisting members with finding the next best place they will call home. their home of independence, socialization, and the ability to live with respect, integrity, and dignity. 

Our clients are provided with an individual assessment that assists with becoming informed and knowledgeable of their needs, cares, and concerns. Individualized assessments are conducted to ensure we are making a whole-person approach to assisting our members. 

To serve as a personal advocate for our members we provide a personalized service ensuring members are provided with community support resource information to assist in becoming knowledgeable of what each supportive resource of interest has to offer.  Our Placement Coordinators are there every step of the way to consult with, advocate, and ensure a solution to all cares and concerns is addressed.



Community Supports are new statewide services provided by Medi-Cal managed care plans as cost-effective alternatives to traditional medical services or settings. Community Supports are designed to address social drivers of health (factors in people’s lives that influence their health). These services are building on and scaling existing work in the Whole Person Care Pilots, the Health Homes Program, and Home and Community Based Service Waivers. 

Providing a range of resources and referrals will allow individuals to live a socially and healthy lifestyle within their community. Providing individual members with personal assistance assessment with a plan of action ensures each individual is provided with the whole person care to address all their needs from housing, health care, and meal resources. 


Community Support Offers:

  • Housing Transition Navigation Services

  • Housing Deposits Housing Tenancy and Sustaining Services

  • Short-Term Post-Hospitalization Housing

  • Recuperative Care (Medical Respite)

  • Day Habilitation Programs

  • Caregiver Respite Services Nursing Facility Transition/Diversion to Assisted Living Facilities

  • Community Transition Services/Nursing Facility Transition to a Home

  • Personal Care and Homemaker Services

  • Environmental Accessibility Adaptations (Home Modifications)

  • Medically Supportive Food/Meals/Medically Tailored Meals

  • Sobering Centers

  • Asthma Remediation



Assisting our members with combing through the many and sometimes overwhelming housing and health care options from independent living, low-income housing, single room occupancy, in-home care, health care in the home, mobile physician care, hospice care, housekeeping, gardening, and medical insurance. 

Our Community Support program provides a process of planning and coordination of services for those members with housing needs, and physical and mental impairments to assist with their long-term services and supports depending on each individual member's action plan.


Our goal at A Positive Choice is to improve each individual member's quality of life and to maintain their physical, mental, and social independence by providing our members with an action plan. Creating action plans entails working with clients and their loved ones in managing, rendering, and referring to various types of housing and community resources. At A Positive Choice, we work closely with our members to understand what their care needs are, allowing us to assist the member with remaining vigorous, independent, and safe. 

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