About Us

A Positive Choice Resource & Referral Services, LLC  Community Service programs gives individuals the benefit of options and hope. Our programs are designed to focus on improving member care outcomes. we believe by coordinating and overseeing all member housing, social, health, and personal care services through follow-up visits and post-discharge care we will add a delightful and positive atmosphere to each individual members life.

A Positive Choice Resource & Referral Services only works with organizations that comply with state and federal standards to ensure members receive a high standard and quality of care. Resources and Referrals provided may include a variety of services from housing placement services, Case Management, personal attendant care referrals, home health care resources, adult day care resources, house cleaning referrals, laundry service referrals, grocery delivery referrals, meal preparation, access to residential care facilities, home, and community support services agencies and more...

Image by Tim Marshall