At A Positive Choice Resource & Referral Services we will work closely with you to understand what your care needs are, allowing us to assist you with remaining independent, safe, and healthy.


Resources and Referrals may include:

·         Senior Living Placement Referral Services

·         Assistance with finding personal care organization.

·         Resources for Nutritional Services

·         Resources for Transportation

·         Connecting you to a primary care physician

·         Obtaining and medication management organization

·         Putting an emergency plan in place

·         Referral to a Financial Planning Service

·         Referral to VA Benefits Specialist

·         Referral to Securing Medicare and Medi-Cal

·         Home safety evaluations

Why A Positive Choice?

A Positive Choice is a referral management services designed to provide clients who have complex medical, behavioral, and/ or long term care needs with the proper services to suit their individual needs. A Positive Choice is the central point of direction for client centered services. We will find the most cost effective services specifically designed for your care.


A Positive Choice has programs designed particularly to assist in preventing hospital readmission and cut down on emergency room visits. A Positive Choice Services will assist in improving patient care outcomes by coordinating and overseeing all client health care services through follow up visits and post discharge care.


Under the A Positive Choice program, a group of providers formed as a network of wrap around services, which is made up of a wide range of partners including health care providers, behavioral health providers, housing providers, health plans, and other community-based organizations. 


Jeannine Nash, CEO :   As the Ceo of A Positive Choice Resource & Referral Services, LLC it has always been my vision to provide seniors and their loved ones with the resources necessary to ensure their safety and well-being. 


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