Hope this blog finds you well and in good spirits. Speaking of spirits we are rolling into the fall and the holidays are going to begin. Ensuring our seniors are secure and ok is something we must do all year around. Although during this holiday season lets be a little more alert and aware of our precious elderly neighbors and family members. 

Here are a few tips I found that could be helpful:

 ~~ Yes it is time to test and replace the batteries in ALL of your smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and flashlights. I was recently at my moms and her smoke detector was chirping like a little bird. Unfortunately they make these new homes with these high ceilings. I could not just get a chair to reach the chirping detector. I was able to contact her neighbor and he brought his ladder over and changed the batteries for us. 

This morning I had some toast get stuck in my toaster and smoke went everywhere ! Guess what, my smoke detector never made a sound, not good. I immediately changed the batteries and ensured they were working. 

Test and replace batteries Check and replace your carbon monoxide batteries twice a year. First when you change the time on the clocks in November and second when you change the time on the clocks in March. Replace smoke alarm alkaline batteries once a year and test all alarms work properly.... Aurora Jackson ~~~ I love seeing the decorations starting to go up around my complex. Although we are going through these pandemic times my neighbors are brightening up the neighborhood with festive decorations that brighten the streets and walkways, I am starting to see more people out for walks and taking the time to say hello from a distance. It warms my heart to see the smiles and joy on peoples faces.  Home Safety Tips for Seniors for the Holidays

  • Use basic decorations that won't create clutter. Always confirm that there is plenty of space to walk.

  • Be sure to keep extension cords out of the way of walking areas to protect against falling over them.

  • Remove candles and replace with bright centerpieces of fruit or flowers, or consider using battery powered candles.

      by LiveWell

~~~ I am not sure about you all but I have been getting more and more calls from people telling me my medicare is going to expire and they need to verify my social security number and address, I have sometimes given them the address to my local police department. These calls are out to steal our elderly neighbors' identity and rob them blind. Never give your personal information to anyone over the phone. and report the call.  Financial Scams Targeting Seniors Financial scams targeting seniors have become so prevalent that they’re now considered “the crime of the 21st century.” Why? Because seniors are thought to have a significant amount of money sitting in their accounts. Financial scams also often go unreported or can be difficult to prosecute, so they’re considered a “low-risk” crime. However, they’re devastating to many older adults and can leave them in a very vulnerable position with little time to recoup their losses. It’s not just wealthy seniors who are targeted. Low-income older adults are also at risk of financial abuse. And it’s not always strangers who perpetrate these crimes. Over 90% of all reported elder abuse is committed by an older person’s own family members, most often their adult children, followed by grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and others.                                                                                   https://www.ncoa.org/public-policy-action/elder-justice/elder-abuse-facts/

I hope these tips are helpful to you all. Enjoy your holidays and remember to take the time to share your beautiful smile with others. 

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Jeannine Nash, CEO :   As the Ceo of A Positive Choice Resource & Referral Services, LLC it has always been my vision to provide seniors and their loved ones with the resources necessary to ensure their safety and well-being. 


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